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Our country club publications include the metro’s most notable clubs, with color-loaded magazines printed with the industry’s highest standards and mailed directly to homes of each club member family.
NightOWL produces an annual roster publication for each of the clubs. The shelf life of each roster issue (the club’s member directory) is one full year, which makes this issue even more popular with many advertisers. The living space-centered Treasured Homes guide is weaved into the Spring issues of four prominent country club magazines. Later in the year, our annual Holiday Treasures gift guide is a smart, affordable buy for merchants and a shopper’s dream which hits the pages of the publications at all five clubs.
Strategic media planners know that targeting the RIGHT thousand is a consideration that ranks right alongside cost per thousand. The RIGHT thousands are an audience worth repeating your message to, and with the country club publications the RIGHT thousands are right here at your fingertips.
Let us help you reach Oklahoma City’s most elite market, one with enormous buying power.



Annual Members’ Day at the State Capitol